lunes, enero 12, 2009

Ser o no Ser

Este es un extracto de un excelente post de The Financial Philosopher:
"Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are."
~ Chinese Proverb
  • We should study business in college -- not the arts;
  • We should dress for success or somehow this "success," which is often defined by social conventions, will elude us; 
  • We should follow a career path that advances our monetary worth and social status -- not necessarily our self-worth and self-status;
  • And we should work hard and sacrifice much of our mental, spiritual and physical health in the first two-thirds of our life so we may finally achieve the holy grail of personal finance, financial freedom, in the final one-third of our life.

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Irene Ballesteros dijo...

muy sabio esto!
saludos Iren